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I’m taking a cue from kelkat9 and welcoming new followers. What have I done to deserve all of you new lovelies? {{hugs!}} Here are the main tags that I use. Blacklist what you do not want to see.

Doctor Who - anything DW-related that is neutral to the entire DW community. (I rarely bash, but I would never tag an {ahem} show-runner-critical post with this tag. Speaking of which, there are times when try as I may, I just can’t contain my frustration with Him. So savior/blacklist Shakes Fist at Moffat if you do not wish to see Moffat-critical posts.

Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve (you get the picture) for individual Doctors

Shippy tags:
Doctor x Rose, Nine x Rose, Ten x Rose, TenToo x Rose, Eleven x Rose, Twelve x Rose, Alec x Rose (BroadWho)

LOL - funny stuff

DI Alec Hotty - specifically for Alec Hardy. I also have a Broadchurch and Gracepoint specific tumblr: detectiveinspectoralechotty

Alec x Rose - Alec Hardy x Rose Tyler

Ten x Donna Brotp - I know there are those who ship these two romantically, so I don’t want to hijack their tag with my Brotp love, hence the addition of Brotp

Alec x Ellie Brotp - See Ten x Donna Brotp

Fic: _____ for my own fic. For example, Fic: Exposed

Fic Rec or FicRec (I get confused trying to remember which form I use…I’ve used both). This is how I tag rec lists as well.

Fan Art - manips, drawings, graphics, gif sets coupled with the fandom in a separate tag. I don’t get more complicated than this.

BroadWho - Broadchurch x Doctor Who crossover

DW50 - anything related to the 50th Anniversary

She Who Must Not Be Named or GitF - anything related to the episode, Girl in the Fireplace. Most likely, it will be meta or crack if I use this tag

otp of otps - Doctor x Rose related, mainly Ten x Rose or Tentoo x Rose

My otp is a canon ship - See otp of otps above. This is often used in response to anti-Rose shippers or Doctor x Rose snark, so beware if you do not care to see negativity. But sometimes, I use this positively as well.

This - I agree with this post

TW: ____ - trigger warning for a very specific thing, usually mental health related, as I have a particular interest in this. I have a child with mental illness.

Rant - just what it says

Personal Post or About the Who - about me, personal stuff, usually boring and kid-related

i believe in q - my queue tag, usually pretty pictures of pretty people, cute stuff, happy things, or things that make me smile or laugh.

MEAN - usually Doomsday related (I also tag Doomsday as such)

Me Me Meme - a meme for which I have been tagged, and am completing. I’m very good about using the @____ to tag tumblrs, as well.

If there are any tags you wish to see me employ that will make your dash a happier place, please let me know, and I will incorporate them into my commonly-used tags (at least I will do my best to remember to use them.)

"There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges."
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Can we please discuss the fact that **Doomsday** starts playing as Rose looks around the TARDIS for the first time?
Guys, she wasn’t just doomed from the prophecy: she was doomed from the second she stepped aboard the TARDIS. 


Can we please discuss the fact that **Doomsday** starts playing as Rose looks around the TARDIS for the first time?

Guys, she wasn’t just doomed from the prophecy: she was doomed from the second she stepped aboard the TARDIS. 

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itsonlythesoaps asked: What exactly is nano? I've seen it mentioned, but how does it work? Is there a specific website for information?

Everything you need to know can be found here: National Novel Writing Month

Basically, you write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, during the month of November. It can be about anything, it doesn’t have to make sense, it can be stream of consciousness, or planned. Just. Write. It. Hope you consider joining in on the fun!

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chocolatequeennk replied to your post: “chocolatequeennk replied to your post:Personality/Fictional Character…”:

It makes me ridiculously happy that you like N&S. Now the classic question: John Thornton or Fitzwilliam Darcy?

Nancy, how do you even expect me to answer this question, let alone ponder it? Nope. Can’t choose.

So I saw a blue car with “Bad Wolf” written on the back window today…at my childrens’ school. It was in the last row of the parking lot, which leads me to think it is owned by a staff member.

{{The Who plots how to find this fellow Whovian}}

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badwolfrise asked: Did I hear sleeping beauty AU? This must be made, do it!!!

I’m **pondering**. IF I do it, it would be my NaNoWriMo project. 

May as well do a plug for the Nano tumblr, too.


"No one upsets my mum!"

mrsmaow asked: yes ^^

I’m SO tempted! I really am! Like I just answered veritascara, maybe this could be my NaNo project. It would be FUN to write, that’s for sure! Perhaps a modern setting????

veritascara asked: Not that I want to distract you from your other writing or anything . . . but I approve your Doctor/Rose Sleeping Beauty AU idea. Or anything you want to write, for that matter. It all makes me happy.

Don’t tempt me! You’re tempting me. I’m REALLY tempted. But I HAVE to work on Exposed! OH! Maybe for NaNo????????????